Unload provides support for moral injury, depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma, specialising in the armed forces family.


Outreach. Most of our work is focused on reaching and supporting those who are self isolating, feel excluded or who may have fallen through the net. We meet people on their own terms; we call this meeting people ‘where they are at’. Partners and adult family members are included equally in all we do.


Residential Weekends are where the deep emotional work is done in a safe, strong space where the individual gets to work with their trauma.


Individual Support providing ongoing help for people who want to keep moving forward, supported by our coaches.


“Amazing, brilliant, supportive, friendly, non judgmental. Truly an organisation that sees you and where you are."

“Unload has helped me more than I could ever think possible.”


“Truly emotional, bonding, loving, passionate, incredible, indescribable, enlightening weekend."

“This time last year I was a wreck of a man. Now I feel guided on a path I really like.”

Unload is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in North Nottinghamshire. It is run by those with a military history who already understand our area of work and its complexities. We work within an identified gap in service provision, engagement and process for those affected by trauma.


  • Motto – ‘We help you, you help yourself, you help others.’
  • Mission - For you to be on your feet, in balance, self-reliant.
  • Vision - To be a self-supporting organisation providing our own style of support and developing a network of trained Unload Coach/Advocates. This will create a self-supporting community; ‘the tribe supporting the tribe.’

For more about Unload see the Contact and Team page.

If you would like to help us to help others, the News and Diary page has details.

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, independent and confidential.


We work together with you as a team.


We are based in Nottinghamshire and mainly operate in the East Midlands.


07918 713694


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