After Armed Conflict and Trauma


We help you, you help yourself, you help others.

Unload provides support to those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma, specialising​ in the armed forces family. We work predominantly with those who are excluded and out of contact with other support and include partners and adult family members in all we do.



“Unload has helped me more than I could ever think possible.”




“Truly emotional, bonding, loving, passionate, incredible, indescribable, enlightening weekend."



“This time last year I was a wreck of a man. Now I feel guided on a path I really like.”


Unload Bike Bay


‘Gertrude’ is the Kawasaki Ninja 750 donated to us. We are converting into a trike as part of our outreach project in Retford.

Unload Camping Bay


Fancy a relaxed weekend in the woods and under canvas? We've got Tipis and Artics or bring your bivvy and pull up a sandbag over the campfire!


Bring and Share


Unload is built by it's people and has a flat structure. A few times a year we gather, create and plan together over shared food and a brew.

Social Walks


All our welcome on our social walks. Nothing too strenuous just a chance to get out and relax. Kids are very welcome too!


The mission is for you to be on your feet, in balance, self-reliant.

Why do we do this?


There is a significant gap in service provision, engagement and process for those affected by trauma.


We provide a style of support that works on a deeply effective level, providing a welcome alternative to people who find standard mental health or well-being support inaccessible or unhelpful.


We work predominantly with people who feel excluded from or who are out of contact with other support. We are from The Armed Forces Family and the broader tribe who have been impacted by trauma, ‘the tribe supporting the tribe’.


“Solutions of any sort are much more effective and long lasting when they have been built by the people in need of them.”

Mike Payne, Founder of Unload.


If you would like to help us to help others, the News and Diary page has details.

The Big Lottery Awards for All supports the Unload Bike Bay.


Thank You!

About Unload


We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, independent and confidential.


We work together with you as a team, with us there are no passengers.


We are based in Nottinghamshire and mainly operate in the East Midlands.



Contact The Unload Team




07918 713694


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