What We Do

“So good to be with other ex-services people who know how I feel and that I am not alone.”


We meet you on your terms and here are some of the ways we do this:


  • One to one ‘chat and a brew’
  • Social Walks, planned and decided by our Tribe
  • ‘Gertrude Project’, converting our Ninja 750 Kawasaki into the Unload trike
  • Camping weekends
  • Local events and festivals
  • Planning days - where the tribe can gather and share company, food and ideas to plan the way ahead for Unload.


The first step is to email or call us and tell us where you’re at and what you need right now. From there we’ll arrange to chat or meet over a brew.

Residential Weekends are where the deep emotional work is done in a strong and safe place. Here is what one participant wrote about his experience:


"We meditated. We talked. We cooked together. We sat outside one evening and “chewed the fat” over a homemade curry."


"I got involved in things I never dreamed I would. But there was one thread throughout the weekend. It was about ME."


"And about everyone else who turned up. It was about that person as an individual, and where they were at that time in their life. If you wanted to join in, you joined in. If you wanted space, there was space.”

Residential Weekends

Individual Support

You may prefer to work alone, one to one, with an Unload Facilitator/Coach. We provide a non-judgemental place for you to explore your situation - a good place to unload!


Advocacy Foundation Training - More Here

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, independent and confidential.


We are based in Nottinghamshire and mainly operate in the East Midlands.


07964 690 514


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