What We Do

Outreach - we come to you

We meet you on your terms.


Here are some of the ways we do this:


  • One to one ‘chat and a brew’
  • Social Walks, planned and decided by our tribe
  • ‘Gertrude Project’, converting our Ninja 750 Kawasaki into the Unload trike
  • Camping weekends
  • Local events and festivals
  • Planning days - where the tribe can gather and share company, food and ideas to plan the way ahead for Unload.


The first step is to email or call us and tell us where you’re at and what you need right now. From there we’ll arrange to chat or meet over a brew.


“So good to be with other ex-services people who know how I feel and that I am not alone.”

Individual Support

With us it is safe to talk freely and openly. We provide a non-judgemental place for you to explore your situation - a good place to unload!


Providing ongoing help for people who want to keep moving forward, supported by our coaches.


We listen, to what you say and also hear what you don’t say.


We work outdoors when possible and talk more about ‘Heart and Soul’ than ‘Mental Health’.


“It’s like I’ve got my man back.”


“It’s nice to sleep without my demons – Thanks x.”

Residential Weekends

Residential Weekends are where the deep emotional work is done in a strong and safe place. Here is what one participant wrote about his experience:


"We meditated. We talked. We cooked together. We sat outside one evening and “chewed the fat” over a homemade curry. I got involved in things I never dreamed that I would. But there was one thread throughout the weekend. It was about ME. And about everyone else who turned up. It was about that person as an individual, and where they were at that time in their life. If you wanted to join in, you joined in. If you wanted space, there was space."


The weekends normally run from a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Subject to our funding, you participate when the time is right for you and can attend a series of weekends.

Some of testimonials from our Weekend Residentials:


"This has not felt like a workshop. It has felt like a weekend away from it all with friends. I never knew any of them two days ago and yet together we have allowed the scared, hidden parts of me to come out and to be put to rest. I leave here lighter, freer and deeply grateful."


"A deeply emotional weekend on both a personal level but also hearing from others. The bond that developed within the group provided the love, reassurance and strength to move forward and embrace the future."


"It is great what you do and has a great impact on people, even people that think it's rubbish and then find it's not what they thought at all."


"Thanks, thanks and thanks"


Felt Responses after Residentials:


"Much more self confidence about my own abilities." "Like I've left something behind here - that's freed me up."

"Happier and more able to cope." "Calmness." "Got rid of sh*t that was pulling me down." "A lot more happy within myself."


How those we support describe What We Do.


Recently we ran an event where our 'tribe' were invited to create their own Unload T-shirt. Everyone who came gave their view on; 'Who are Unload and What do they do?' Below are some of the responses and all were shared on a newsletter, click for more.


To Express hidden feelings


True feelings which are hidden beneath the past And effect the future


To help reconnect to the loved ones in your life.


Supporting Armed Forces & Their Family


Exchange Hate for Love

Gives an Alternative to Anger

Soothes the Demons

Brings Moderation to replace Agitation





Help without Barriers

This Works for Us

We Are Here for Each Other Anytime


Unlock Your Past to Unlock your Future

Unload Trauma After Conflict


Loving Support, That’s what we do!




Not Judged

Listened To








Overcome Obstacles

Achieves Peace

Do to Others

Military Veteran

No-one to talk to

You need help

The go to


We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, independent and confidential.


We work together with you as a team.


We are based in Nottinghamshire and mainly operate in the East Midlands.


07918 713694


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