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Unload's Veteran Outreach Crowd Funding video


Reaching out to military veterans and their partners who have lost hope or trust of getting effective help; first step = bikes, men and spanners!


July 2017

Moral Injury by Mike Payne


Some find mental health labels like ‘PTSD’ unhelpful, particularly when you feel like you soul has been ripped apart. ‘Moral Injury’ is a label (initially from Vietnam) for when combatants see, experience and witness events which contradict their own values.

Unloading by Mark Hall


Unloading is a poem written in a break during one of our residential weekends in March 2015.


To hear more of Mark's story go to the Unload YouTube channel.

Battlecoat by Chrissy Sawyer


Chrissy is a Director of Unload, Facilitator and Counsellor.


Battlecoat is one of her signature poems written in 2013. You can find more on her website and YouTube channel.

The Benefits of Qi Gong


A video showing how Qi Gong has helped Steve who has been supported by Unload and Shelagh Grandpierre, who is a master teacher of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

The Story of Unload


A short explanation of why Unload was created


Mike Payne, Founder of Unload

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