Unload provides support for moral injury, depression, PTSD and trauma and specialising in the armed forces family. Our support is effective, measurable and provides a choice for people who find other approaches unsuited to their needs.


“This time last year I was a wreck of a man. Now I feel guided on a path I really like.”


“Amazing, brilliant, supportive, friendly, non judgmental. Truly an organisation that sees you and where you are."


“Unload has helped me more than I could ever think possible.”


Unload is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in the East Midlands and led by a team with experience and understanding of the complexities of trauma work.


  • Motto – ‘We help you, you help yourself, you help others.’
  • Mission - For you to be on your feet, in balance, self-reliant.
  • Vision - To be a self-supporting organisation providing our own style of support and developing a network of trained Unload Coach/Advocates. This will create a self-supporting community. The Tribe supporting the Tribe.


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We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, independent and confidential.


We are based in Nottinghamshire and mainly operate in the East Midlands.


07964 690 514


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