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The Unload Team

Unload is led by voluntary directors and supported by a delivery team of self-employed Facilitators, Coaches and Counsellors. All have a military history and understand our area of work and the complexities involved. Volunteers from our tribe are also an essential part of the broader team. Overall our overheads are kept very low and focused on delivery.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mike Payne is the Founder, a Director and a Facilitator with Unload. He is a facilitator, coach and somatic practitioner. He is also an artist, writer and public speaker.


Mike served 8 years as an infantry officer followed by 8 years in both the brewing industry and in complementary therapy. Into this blend he adds experience of developing community led organisations.

Rob Knowles is a Director, Mentor and Facilitator with Unload. Having spent a number of years in the army Rob quickly adapted to the business world supporting change at an individual, team and organisational level for a number of companies. Throughout his career, he has always asked questions and challenged the status quo – not welcomed by all! He now runs his own company, Cubet Ltd, specialising in change at organisational, team and individual level. Personal Website.

Chrissy Sawyer is a Director and Facilitator with Unload. Daughter of the Army, Chrissy brings a unique skill set to personal transformation, specialising in the safe transition of trauma in the individual using somatic processes.

As a therapist she works in a soulful, direct and intuitive way, through workshops or one to one sessions, to help when you're ready to enrich your internal and external relationships and fearlessly stand in your own power. Personal website.

‘Fred’ Weaver Order of Saint John, is a Director and ex-serviceman who served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He is a veteran of the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo. He has served all over the world including five years in South East Asia working for the British Military. Fred has experience of all the physical and mental difficulties that can arise when servicemen leave the military and uses this experience to help others through Unload

The Legal Bit

Unload is constituted as ‘After Armed Conflict CIC’, registered in England as a Community Interest Company number: 8668658.


Registered Address: Quoin House, Claylands Avenue, Worksop, Notts, S81 7DJ


Unload delivers its services using the co-production approach, which means in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, our beneficiaries and their families and other providers.


The Unload Story

Unload grew from a seed of a thought on a walk down a green lane in November 2011. After two years research it was formally constituted in October 2013 leading to a funded action research project in 2015. This led to further funding and operational development in 2016. Today we continue to develop our work and explore ways to ensure we are sustainable now and in the long-term. Here is what those we help say about our support:


  • They are no longer suicidal
  • Have re-engaged with their family, friends and wider world
  • Can now sleep through the night
  • Better manage their ‘demons’
  • Are smiling again
  • Feel better equipped with tools to maintain these changes


We are building a self sustaining ex-forces community, ready for when the impacts of recent conflicts have disappeared from public consciousness and the time lag legacy of Afghan and Iraq comes fully into view. We are a community who cook, eat, talk and share together. Through our residential weekends we share our proven self management skills to help us help ourselves and to further inspire us to go out and help others. Could you be a member of our Tribe?


“Solutions of any sort are much more effective and long lasting when they have been built by the people in need of them.”

Mike Payne, Founder of Unload.


Mutual Learning – Humility – Truth – Compassion

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, independent and confidential.


We work together with you as a team.


We are based in Nottinghamshire and mainly operate in the East Midlands.

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